Saturday, February 9, 2013

By Faith...........

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Heavenly Father,how lovely and wonderful you are,how marvelous is your works. All that I created to be. All that is in the earth,you placed in our care,as humans to dominate the animals,to tend the garden,to love our brother. Help us Father to be good stewards of all that you have blessed us with. But we Lord,us humans...we were created for love you,to praise you, to honor and give reverence to you Heavenly Father,Son and Holy Ghost. May I Lord, never forget the true purpose for my existence. May you Father always be my first thought of the last thought before sleep at night. I pray with all my heart,that my life is pleasing to you Lord. Forgive me when its not. When my flesh sneaks up and tries to rule. May I remember that my spirit must be cared for...I must feed my spirit...spiritual food,rest my spirit in you Lord. Help me to avoid the sinful,evil,wicked,prideful,conceit of the world. I am commanded to be separate,to be of a Peculiar people...your people...your I, Lord. That I am! May others know that by my actions.....not by an announcement or proclamation, but a sincere and honest testimony of faith in you, Heavenly Father and in your son Christ Jesus,my Lord and Savior......So be it