Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bless my friends and family Lord.....

Lord I lift up friends and family to you today. Those that are sick in body,those that have broken hearts for loss of a loved one. I ask father that you may bless them with strength for their journey,comfort for their spirits,peace for their souls. Help them to fix their eyes and hearts on you,trusting that through it are in control and you know what is best for your children....we can only see with natural eyes,but you see fully.....your working out all things for our very own good. I know this to be true as you do so in my life these to lean not to their own understanding,but trust in your everlasting grace and mercy through our Lord and Savior...your son , Christ Jesus....amen

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Within your presence there is peace,in your care there is no need for fear. As a child wrapped in the safety of a mothers arms....I find myself in thee. I treasure you..more than all others...more than are my prize....the keeper of my Salvation and strength. Without you I perish...gone,as if I never was,but you found your grace and mercy...and now I am alive..for all eternity...forever! What did I do to deserve your love for me....the sacrifice of your only begotten? Nothing..not a thing....its just that you loved me..even before I knew loved me! I love you Heavenly Father...with all my soul....I love you,and I thank you. May I always bring you joy and no grieve...forgive me for sins that I don't even know I commit. Help me Holy Spirit to be worthy and faithful be it!

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Prayer


Thou art worthy O Lord to receive glory,honor and power....for you and you alone are the true and living God...besides you...there is no other

Father God I ask your blessing upon the New year...I ask for guidance from your Holy Spirit..that I may walk the path you set before me...keep those I love in your care...may your angels guard them and keep them from all harm. I trust you Father that whatever comes with this new year,that you are in complete control and I have no reason for fear or anxiety. I pray your blessings upon my life and the lives of those I love so dearly.....upon my family,my friends and relations...grant us peace in our homes and in the earth may your will be done as it is in Jesus name I be it.