Monday, September 24, 2012

Thank you.....

Coming before your throne of grace and mercy dear Heavenly Father to say ,thank you! Thank you for touching my mother,for a quick recovery,for little pain...for answered prayer. You continue to amazed me each and everyday. My very greatest blessing,is that I know you,the one and only true and living God,and your precious son Jesus Christ. Not only do I just know you...I have a relationship with you,like none other. Oh,that I may even draw closer to you day by day. May I become one with you....with your son,with the Holy Spirit. To you be all glory,all praise,all this life,and what is to come...Amen..So be it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sweet Anointing........

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What a wonderful day in your house awesome to feel such anointing while singing your are so worthy of all praise,all should all be for your glory,and yours alone! May I always remember that its all about you....not about me, all about you. I desire no glory....the glory is yours Lord....keep me,your servant..humble...use me I pray....may my life bring you honor day,by day,by day! For truly Lord...its all about you! Its not about what you can do for me,but its about What I can do for me to fulfill your will for my me Holy Spirit to reach others for Christ,through song,through word,through deed...through your power in me....Amen.....So Be It!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the night hours.......

Father God,I love communing with you in the night hours...I love how my mind comes alive to your presence..filling my heart with words,wisdom,and a spiritual understanding that comes only from you. Thank you Holy Spirit of God for teaching me,for guiding me,for leading me to be be more like Jesus and less like me. Amen

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Lord's day.......

Lord,I am here..thanking you for another beautiful Lord's day...what a blessing to meet together with my brothers and sisters in Christ, to offer praise,honor and thanksgiving to you our Father,Son and Holy Ghost. Most importantly to share,and learn from your precious word...which to me is food for my soul....without it I would surely die spiritually.... I am strengthen and encouraged by every word. I pray for Christians in the church,worldwide. For I know that in many parts of this world there isn't the freedom to worship so openly without the fear of persecution..I pray for protection for these,that your Holy Angels would guard and encamp around them ...and that they do may soon know the freedom of open worship and service...blessings to all from your throne the precious name of your son Christ Jesus.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I am with you always......his promise to you!

Father God,I come boldly to your throne. I offer praise,and honor to you. I am so thankful you are so very real to me Lord...that I am able to feel your presence among me,within me! I have rest in knowing that even in the mist of trial and sorrow you are near to give comfort,to give peace....the only real peace I know! My spirit is made strong knowing that Jesus is with me,always until the end of the world....a promise I hold close to my heart. Not a promise as man gives..that may or may not be broken,but an everlasting promise! That for me, means safety, security, unconditionally love..a promise sealed by blood....the blood of your only begotten son. Father, that you would do that for me,for the world,for all human mind cannot comprehend such a sacrifice. Yet,I am so grateful,so very thankful that Jesus accomplished what he came to do,and I realize he left us,his followers...your chosen..a job to do as share the good news he came to proclaim..that we are all born into this life as sinful people ,but Jesus brought us a hope of another life...a better life,a life everlasting. Through believing in him,your son,repenting of our sins..walking in newness of heart and mind....we are made to be over comers.... Over comers by the blood of your spotless lamb! Oh,blessed Jesus...the pain,the torment,the stripes,the thorns,the makes my heart grieve to think of it. Yet I rejoice because,because of it.... I am free!I have rest in knowing my soul will not perish in hell ..I have a greater hope that none other can offer. No Lord Jesus..only you could pay the price,and Oh,what a great price was it.
Yet you ask so little of me.....To love you,Lord God,with all my heart,all my soul,all my strength,with all my mind,and to love my neighbor as myself.
This is my duty.....with your help my Father,through the power of your Holy Spirit..may I do thy Jesus name. Amen