Wednesday, December 26, 2012

His word! His will!

I just simply want to thank you Lord for a really wonderful Christmas...its was so beautiful,and the snow you sent our way was just so special. While this Christmas has been different,and while I have shed tears for dear friends who have lost a loved one,another who had a son in law endure a heart surgery..a dear,close friend dealing with cancer,and my own brother facing cancer as well. My son dealing with the emotions of being away from his sweet children,missing them,longing to hold them close. I too have seen your hand moving in the mist...angels interceding. We don't always understand your way or the why about every situation,but I trust you know best,and that gives me much peace.   This year,I tried my best to focus on what really matters during this Christmas season....while most of the world celebrates Christmas...some I think celebrating they really don't know what! I hope I have in some way have allow the light of the world,your blessed son Jesus,my Savior,Savior of the world, to shine through my life to all those I have encountered. I have dwelt upon his coming...the reason for his coming,and the knowing that he is coming yet again. I have felt a great difference in this Christmas season,within myself,within the world!  I give you praise Father God for giving me much insight..for teaching me Holy Spirit,for growing me..into what you will me to be....may I continue to follow the leading of your Holy Spirit....may I continue to plant to do your will,each and everyday day of the year. Open your word to me...with full understanding! Use me Holy me to be used of you...a instrument ,a vessel ...worthy...may I do thy will,and be obedeant to thy word ...amen

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sad Day

Since Satan tempted Eve, sin entered in.....we live in a evil world....and it is only going to get more and more wicked,as so many continue to reject Christ..there are many who do not fear God..who haven't been taught of his ways,his love,his truth,his awesome power ...they are lost,confused,addicted to drugs,have no self control..wild and crazy in their mind....full of the devil,which they make their god! Whose voice they obey! And so the innocence are hurt... are killed. Such a sad day...there will be more. Pray over your children...ask God to give his angels charge over keep them from all harm,because there is much harm in the world today,and it will grow even more harmful in the days ahead.

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 2 Tim. 3:13

May God have mercy...may he comfort those,through his Holy Spirit, whom morn the loss of the innocence...amen 

Thursday, December 13, 2012!

Help me Heavenly Father to keep my mind and thoughts focused more on the birth of your son Christ Jesus this Christmas season,rather than the hustle and bustle,busying myself with gifts and decking the halls,putting up the tree. While I understand there isn't any harm in such things,and that you give us all things good to use and enjoy...making our homes festive and fun for friends and family,showing hospitality are good things and most proper in their place,but let me keep my spiritual man more aware of what is most important during these days of December,and everyday of the year! Am I making room for your son? Do I seek his will? Do I seek him,through the study of your word? Am I feasting upon those things most holy....and benefiting to my soul? Am I seeking opportunity to share Jesus with others? Am I spending enough time in prayer? Am I showing enough gratitude for the gift he gave,the gift you gave....Heavenly Father? Your most Holy Righteous child Christ Jesus! I know these things are the most good,and that your word declares that ...Those that know to do good ,and do it not,unto them it is sin! James 4:17

Lord help me...amen