Wednesday, December 26, 2012

His word! His will!

I just simply want to thank you Lord for a really wonderful Christmas...its was so beautiful,and the snow you sent our way was just so special. While this Christmas has been different,and while I have shed tears for dear friends who have lost a loved one,another who had a son in law endure a heart surgery..a dear,close friend dealing with cancer,and my own brother facing cancer as well. My son dealing with the emotions of being away from his sweet children,missing them,longing to hold them close. I too have seen your hand moving in the mist...angels interceding. We don't always understand your way or the why about every situation,but I trust you know best,and that gives me much peace.   This year,I tried my best to focus on what really matters during this Christmas season....while most of the world celebrates Christmas...some I think celebrating they really don't know what! I hope I have in some way have allow the light of the world,your blessed son Jesus,my Savior,Savior of the world, to shine through my life to all those I have encountered. I have dwelt upon his coming...the reason for his coming,and the knowing that he is coming yet again. I have felt a great difference in this Christmas season,within myself,within the world!  I give you praise Father God for giving me much insight..for teaching me Holy Spirit,for growing me..into what you will me to be....may I continue to follow the leading of your Holy Spirit....may I continue to plant to do your will,each and everyday day of the year. Open your word to me...with full understanding! Use me Holy me to be used of you...a instrument ,a vessel ...worthy...may I do thy will,and be obedeant to thy word ...amen

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