Thursday, December 13, 2012!

Help me Heavenly Father to keep my mind and thoughts focused more on the birth of your son Christ Jesus this Christmas season,rather than the hustle and bustle,busying myself with gifts and decking the halls,putting up the tree. While I understand there isn't any harm in such things,and that you give us all things good to use and enjoy...making our homes festive and fun for friends and family,showing hospitality are good things and most proper in their place,but let me keep my spiritual man more aware of what is most important during these days of December,and everyday of the year! Am I making room for your son? Do I seek his will? Do I seek him,through the study of your word? Am I feasting upon those things most holy....and benefiting to my soul? Am I seeking opportunity to share Jesus with others? Am I spending enough time in prayer? Am I showing enough gratitude for the gift he gave,the gift you gave....Heavenly Father? Your most Holy Righteous child Christ Jesus! I know these things are the most good,and that your word declares that ...Those that know to do good ,and do it not,unto them it is sin! James 4:17

Lord help me...amen

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