Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Think on these Things.........

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Whatsoever things are true,honest,just,pure and lovely...if there be any virtue ,and if there be any me think only on these things!

Truly Father,I only desire to keep my mind from wandering...into places it shouldn't. With all the evil,and the evil one in this world...the tempter does his very best to drag us,even our thoughts away from thee! Although, I do realize he can't read our minds and thoughts as you can Father,he can (and will )place so many obstacles in our path to distract us from our true calling and purpose you have for us , and if we are not very aware,he will cause us to think on "other things" ! Even as we sleep,he will creep around our beds and whisper dishonest words in our ears.......causes us to dream of unpleasant things,that disturb our spirits upon awaking the next morning. We must always be aware of his devices,they are harmful,and strong,but we need not worry,nor fear him, because your word declares that greater is he that dwells within us,your Holy Spirit!....."You God will fight my Battles"...if I be awake or asleep, your angels are camping about me,for I love you with all my heart,and I am hopelessly lost without you!  Help your child to dress in your armor and stand brave and true against the evil slayer of your children.....That one, that goes about as a roaring lion,seeking,and sneaking whom he may devour! I declare by your word,if God be for us...than who can be against us?  No one one!   So be the precious name of your Holy Child, Christ Jesus...amen

Philippians 4:8
Genesis 3:3
1 John 4:4
2 Chronicles 20:17
Psalms 34:7
Ephesians 6:10-18