Thursday, December 26, 2013

Come Quickly Lord Jesus...Come

Heavenly Father..I want to thank you for the most beautiful Christmas season this year, 2013. Always, for the gift of your son to the world....Savior of the world. Because Christ was born...because he lived for 33 years on this planet he created...with us...with human...whom he created! He brought you too us...he taught us what you were you think..what you want for us...your we should him...your son! He saved us from sin...he suffered in our place on the cross...without that cross,there would be no Christmas! Thank you Father...thank you...thank you, for your grace...your mercy. Even in the mist of bidding farewell to a dear loved one....we rejoiced....rejoice because, that soul...her soul is with you. She isn't lost, because of your son Jesus....Immanuel ...God with us.....You God.... Father,Son and Holy Ghost....with us....with our dear loved one...this moment...this second...she is with are with us. We are together with you....forever , and forever! Bless my loved this New Year.. Father....2014. What does it hold?  We don't know Father,but we know who holds it...who holds Lord! Help us to trust completely, come what may...may we trust you to carry will,Lord ..carry us...keep us.......this...I will keep those that are yours! Your favor is upon us Lord. Keep us...from temptation...from evil.  Because exist, and the days will grow even more evil....because he,Satan exist ,and if you tarry Lord...the days will grow more and more evil...the minds,and lives,and love of some will wax worse and worse,( Matt. 24:12 ) because they choose to follow the evil allow him to use them. Their love turns cold...their hearts will turn to stone...cold...unfeeling...full of hate...full of evil. Keep us Lord ...bless us Lord...may we wait,and watch patiently for you. For your coming...not as that newborn in a manger of Christmas,but as the Lord...the Kings of all Kings....Come Lord Jesus...come!  So be Jesus name to you be all glory...all honor....all praise.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh Lord, what an awesome church service tonight. Thank you for the moving of your Holy Spirit on your people. It felt so very wonderful to be in your Holy and Mighty presence, and to feel your touch. Lord, you set my feet to dancing when in the natural dancing is an impossibility for me. All things are possible when it comes to you Holy God....May others come to know you and believe in your awesome Jesus Holy be it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My heart is Open to you alone

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Father God, sometimes I don't understand myself...why I think the way I do. Always feeling like others think I am in the I am over doing it...or not doing it enough. And why do I let what others think even change the feelings about myself. In no way to I want to please matter who they are, for they are just people like me...they make their own mistakes...they are not perfect so why should it matter what they think. I don't want to,but yet I do my best to...please people....Father, help me to over come this....heal me Lord, of any inner hurt or wound that may cause me to be concerned with what certain people think of me.   Truly, Lord I only want to be concerned with what you think. I only want to please you me Lord...where I am failing you. My heart is open before you tonight me Holy Spirit if I am in my steps on the straight path.....keep me there Father...I seek your wisdom...your guidance and Godly knowledge and understanding from Jesus name.......amen

Thrust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.  Proverbs 3:5-6

Sunday, August 11, 2013


 Lord, I praise you in the are my rock,the anchor of my be it, Lord Jesus

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thou Art with me........

Father, I have trusted your grace and mercy as I journey through this trial of physical ailment...I have surely felt the prayers of others going up to your throne,being recognized,answered then returned as blessings upon me,body,soul,and spirit! I have had many quiet times of solitude,rest and prayer, as I have been recuperating from surgery...listening for your small still voice as it speaks to my heart...that all is well with my soul!  I thank you, Heavenly Father for the love, the concern of friends and family... for their sincere prayers,and also for the medical doctors and nurses that have had there part in my recovery. It has been a time of confinement,but also a most pleasing time of withdrawing from the outside world, feeling a sense of peace and safety among the familiarity of my own home. I pray I will continue to use this time to draw nigh unto thee. I give you the glory... for all things are in your hands! You are fully aware of all my comings, my goings  and even staying put in your presence. I will always ask that your perfect will be done in my life....I want only to bring you glory and praise through my words and actions toward all peoples. May you Christ Jesus shine through me,and by the power of the Holy Spirit, may I strive to be that example of what your teaching proclaims. Forgive me Lord,when I fail to follow your leading. Help me Father,that I may decease(my fleshly,sinful ways) and your son Christ Jesus, increase in me.  I ask this all in his be it....amen  Your grace is sufficient for provide for me as a loving Father, the Shepherd of my soul...I have no want.....thank you for my salvation, for life eternal through the sacrifice of your son.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Think on these Things.........

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Whatsoever things are true,honest,just,pure and lovely...if there be any virtue ,and if there be any me think only on these things!

Truly Father,I only desire to keep my mind from wandering...into places it shouldn't. With all the evil,and the evil one in this world...the tempter does his very best to drag us,even our thoughts away from thee! Although, I do realize he can't read our minds and thoughts as you can Father,he can (and will )place so many obstacles in our path to distract us from our true calling and purpose you have for us , and if we are not very aware,he will cause us to think on "other things" ! Even as we sleep,he will creep around our beds and whisper dishonest words in our ears.......causes us to dream of unpleasant things,that disturb our spirits upon awaking the next morning. We must always be aware of his devices,they are harmful,and strong,but we need not worry,nor fear him, because your word declares that greater is he that dwells within us,your Holy Spirit!....."You God will fight my Battles"...if I be awake or asleep, your angels are camping about me,for I love you with all my heart,and I am hopelessly lost without you!  Help your child to dress in your armor and stand brave and true against the evil slayer of your children.....That one, that goes about as a roaring lion,seeking,and sneaking whom he may devour! I declare by your word,if God be for us...than who can be against us?  No one one!   So be the precious name of your Holy Child, Christ Jesus...amen

Philippians 4:8
Genesis 3:3
1 John 4:4
2 Chronicles 20:17
Psalms 34:7
Ephesians 6:10-18

Monday, May 6, 2013


It's a beautiful day ,was a beautiful weekend. Thank you Lord for answering prayer. Thank you Lord for moving on behalf of my loved ones. My cup overflows with gratefulness to you! Thank you for everything. Amen

And that's why
Sometimes I just want to praise YOU.
Sometimes just to speak YOUR name.
Oh sometimes I just want to thank YOU,
Without asking YOU for a thing.
Oh sometimes I lift my hands to YOU.
And sometimes all I do is cry.
Everything that I have I owe to YOU,
LORD, and Calvary's the reason why.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Come unto Jesus.........

So many horrible things happening around our country lately Lord,but truly is there a single second when there is not something terrible happening in our world? I think not, not as long as Satan is among us,but you are faithful Lord,and we that trust you,we need not to have any fear for what has, nor for what will come upon this earth. You are in control of all understand all things, while we can only trust in your understanding. I do ask that you give strength and comfort to those who must suffer. It was needful for our souls that you Lord,must understand suffering more than any other.... So who better can comfort in such a time as this...none other Lord...none ,but thee!

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matt.11:28

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thank You For Jesus.....

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Holy Father, thank you for Jesus.....your son,made flesh...lived,died,and arose from the grave! I just want to praise you for allowing me to take part of your goodness,your mercy,your grace. Thank you that death,hell and the grave has no claim for my soul. Because of Jesus,there is victory over death...because of Jesus,my soul shall live forever. Because HE LIVES....I too shall live...dwell for eternity.... with you in your glory! I am made an overcomer by the blood of the lamb,through faith in him and by your Resurrection power....Thank You Holy Father for Jesus,my Salvation !

Monday, March 18, 2013

Drawing near....

Father,as we draw nearer to the celebration of your son's Resurrection over death,hell and the grave...may my mind dwell continually on the greatness of your sacrifice for my sake,and for the sake of whole mankind. That only through the shedding of Christ blood and the claim of his life,came my passage into your glory. My freedom from eternal death!  Because of his willingness to face a most cruel death on the cross of Calvary,I have been reconciled to you, Heavenly Father. Because he arose from the grave...I have everlasting life! Because he lives...I too shall live for eternity,with you in your Holy Kingdom, forever! Your Kingdom come...your will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.....So be it!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


My precious Heavenly still continue to amaze me...daily. Oh, how very much I love you!  Thank you...all my praise goes to you and you alone......forever. Amen

Saturday, February 9, 2013

By Faith...........

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Heavenly Father,how lovely and wonderful you are,how marvelous is your works. All that I created to be. All that is in the earth,you placed in our care,as humans to dominate the animals,to tend the garden,to love our brother. Help us Father to be good stewards of all that you have blessed us with. But we Lord,us humans...we were created for love you,to praise you, to honor and give reverence to you Heavenly Father,Son and Holy Ghost. May I Lord, never forget the true purpose for my existence. May you Father always be my first thought of the last thought before sleep at night. I pray with all my heart,that my life is pleasing to you Lord. Forgive me when its not. When my flesh sneaks up and tries to rule. May I remember that my spirit must be cared for...I must feed my spirit...spiritual food,rest my spirit in you Lord. Help me to avoid the sinful,evil,wicked,prideful,conceit of the world. I am commanded to be separate,to be of a Peculiar people...your people...your I, Lord. That I am! May others know that by my actions.....not by an announcement or proclamation, but a sincere and honest testimony of faith in you, Heavenly Father and in your son Christ Jesus,my Lord and Savior......So be it

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bless my friends and family Lord.....

Lord I lift up friends and family to you today. Those that are sick in body,those that have broken hearts for loss of a loved one. I ask father that you may bless them with strength for their journey,comfort for their spirits,peace for their souls. Help them to fix their eyes and hearts on you,trusting that through it are in control and you know what is best for your children....we can only see with natural eyes,but you see fully.....your working out all things for our very own good. I know this to be true as you do so in my life these to lean not to their own understanding,but trust in your everlasting grace and mercy through our Lord and Savior...your son , Christ Jesus....amen

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Within your presence there is peace,in your care there is no need for fear. As a child wrapped in the safety of a mothers arms....I find myself in thee. I treasure you..more than all others...more than are my prize....the keeper of my Salvation and strength. Without you I perish...gone,as if I never was,but you found your grace and mercy...and now I am alive..for all eternity...forever! What did I do to deserve your love for me....the sacrifice of your only begotten? Nothing..not a thing....its just that you loved me..even before I knew loved me! I love you Heavenly Father...with all my soul....I love you,and I thank you. May I always bring you joy and no grieve...forgive me for sins that I don't even know I commit. Help me Holy Spirit to be worthy and faithful be it!

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Prayer


Thou art worthy O Lord to receive glory,honor and power....for you and you alone are the true and living God...besides you...there is no other

Father God I ask your blessing upon the New year...I ask for guidance from your Holy Spirit..that I may walk the path you set before me...keep those I love in your care...may your angels guard them and keep them from all harm. I trust you Father that whatever comes with this new year,that you are in complete control and I have no reason for fear or anxiety. I pray your blessings upon my life and the lives of those I love so dearly.....upon my family,my friends and relations...grant us peace in our homes and in the earth may your will be done as it is in Jesus name I be it.