Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thou Art with me........

Father, I have trusted your grace and mercy as I journey through this trial of physical ailment...I have surely felt the prayers of others going up to your throne,being recognized,answered then returned as blessings upon me,body,soul,and spirit! I have had many quiet times of solitude,rest and prayer, as I have been recuperating from surgery...listening for your small still voice as it speaks to my heart...that all is well with my soul!  I thank you, Heavenly Father for the love, the concern of friends and family... for their sincere prayers,and also for the medical doctors and nurses that have had there part in my recovery. It has been a time of confinement,but also a most pleasing time of withdrawing from the outside world, feeling a sense of peace and safety among the familiarity of my own home. I pray I will continue to use this time to draw nigh unto thee. I give you the glory... for all things are in your hands! You are fully aware of all my comings, my goings  and even staying put in your presence. I will always ask that your perfect will be done in my life....I want only to bring you glory and praise through my words and actions toward all peoples. May you Christ Jesus shine through me,and by the power of the Holy Spirit, may I strive to be that example of what your teaching proclaims. Forgive me Lord,when I fail to follow your leading. Help me Father,that I may decease(my fleshly,sinful ways) and your son Christ Jesus, increase in me.  I ask this all in his be it....amen  Your grace is sufficient for provide for me as a loving Father, the Shepherd of my soul...I have no want.....thank you for my salvation, for life eternal through the sacrifice of your son.

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