Sunday, January 13, 2013


Within your presence there is peace,in your care there is no need for fear. As a child wrapped in the safety of a mothers arms....I find myself in thee. I treasure you..more than all others...more than are my prize....the keeper of my Salvation and strength. Without you I perish...gone,as if I never was,but you found your grace and mercy...and now I am alive..for all eternity...forever! What did I do to deserve your love for me....the sacrifice of your only begotten? Nothing..not a thing....its just that you loved me..even before I knew loved me! I love you Heavenly Father...with all my soul....I love you,and I thank you. May I always bring you joy and no grieve...forgive me for sins that I don't even know I commit. Help me Holy Spirit to be worthy and faithful be it!

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  1. I saw your blog on a friends BLOG !!!!!! SO glad that I did .. Love it here. Just beautiful and YOU are blessing the world girl ... Keep it up .. GOD is pleased I promise ... STop over at my place The Rusty Pearl ...and follow along if you like .. WOULD love to have ya ........ HUGS