Friday, May 9, 2014

From Everlasting

My dear heavenly Father, I come before your throne to simply offer you my praise,my love,my thankfulness for all you are and all you do. You are my every need,my every blessing, my joy, my light, my every very are Lord of all ....Lord of me, my very existence....that is what you are....without you...I am nothing. Without you...there would be no me...without you...there would be no sun,no moon,no life....nothing without you, but YOU ARE, and you always have are the beginning and the end...the first and the last....the Alpha and are the " I am that I am ".  And I am so thankful that you are. That I may come boldly before you anytime I need to are my father....I am your daughter....child of the Everlasting King.... Amen

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