Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Heavenly Father, this is the month we have set aside a day to remember to be thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon our lives. But truly Father , you are most certainly due all the thankfulness our hearts can hold each and every day of our lives! Truly each and every hour, minute, and second are worthy of our love and praise.  Your word declares we are to be thankful at all times, and for all things. Even those things which seem evil, you use for our good. So then......Yes Lord, I am thankful in those times as well! You have taken my heart break, that thing I thought I would never be able to overcome.  You helped me Lord, it was you who knew what I needed, what was good for me, and through it all I have learned to trust you more for it.  You took that ugly,evil, hurtful time in in my life that broke and tortured my spirit and turned it into something beautiful.  Lord, I thank you and praise you for my "Beautiful Heartbreak" ! From it I have harvested a peace that I did not know before. I have a greater understanding than before, more faith in the one I follow. So much more has been given, parts of me I thought were gone forever restored All because you looked down on me and saw my need. I thank you God for rescuing me. To you I give praise, glory, and Thanksgiving.....Amen

Watch my Beautiful Heartbreak by Hillary Weeks on Youtube

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