Saturday, June 6, 2015


Father God, your grace and mercy is wonderful  good,  your truth endures unto all generations.  To me Lord that says that not only will you be here for me, but that you are there for my children, and for my grandchildren as well, and so on, and so on. That there is nothing we may face that confounds you. Your understanding is so much higher than ours that we cannot begin to perceive what you are doing for our good. What seems so hard, so complicated to us, is, but an easy task for you Father. So not for myself, but for him Lord, that one so near my heart......I pray you will move on his behalf, that you open the windows of heaven and pour out mercy, pour out your the Holy and Righteous name of your be it be it. Thank you Father God, thank you .


  1. Good morning..Shelley you are right, Our Father is Wonderful, and we are truly Blessed to have a Father like him...

    1. Hello dear Renee, we share the same Heavenly Father, that makes us sister's. Blessings ♡