Sunday, August 12, 2012

I am thankful...........

Today I will rejoice in my salvation...rejoice because I worship the true and living God. Rejoice because it is my privilege and my blood bought right to do so.
Thank you Lord for providing for me this day,everyday! Thank you for your love and your tender mercies. You..Oh Lord are the first and the last...there is none besides thee. Thank you because your holy word says you will never leave me nor forsake me,Lord Jesus. There is no place in this world where I might roam,and you would not be there! No... not the highest mountain,not the lowest valley. Your eyes are always steadfast on me....may I be forever mindful of such. Your angels keep me..lest I trip upon a stone! You Lord are a good and loving God...I need nothing that you cannot provide! You are my keeper,the lifter of my head...the Lord of my salvation. May I forever dwell in your presence,among the holy host of heaven.

May my life today be a blessing to someone in need,an honor to you my Lord and Savior....amen

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